In recent years, the number of students entering the library has decreased significantly in our country. Libraries are seen as a study center, and are regarded as the only place to study or prepare for exams by the students. With The Amusing Library For Children, our aim is to break this perception and ensure that children have fun while reading, while having fun recognizing the books of valuable writers.

In this library; there are nearly 6,000 books – which are adviced by the child experts- and also materials such as mind games and toys e.t.c that will contrubute mental development of our children. With the opportunities offered by the amusing library, our children will encounter an environment where they can contribute to their personal development by moving away from the harmful environments and the danger of internet addiction which is one of the biggest problems of our time. In the amusing library, as in our Fairy Tale Museum, it is aimed to carry out workshops for children; to realize literate meetings that writers will attend; also to bring together many children with different activities in the garden of our library in summer time.