The aim of the project is to contribute to the economy at the local and national level by identifying the supply and demand in the labor market and bringing the employer and the job seeker together.

Our Kartal Career Center Unit started its operations in July 2019 and provides job opportunities by bringing together the employers and job seekers in our region.

Kartal Career Center, in addition to the benefits it provides to our job seekers, eliminates the cost of advertisements for employers.

Our Unit, which provides benefit to both the job seeker and the employer, is the Social Responsibility Project of the Municipality that contributes to the national economy.

Kartal Career Center Web Site (https://kariyerim.kartal.bel.tr/) has been established, and job seekers create resumes, apply for open job positions, and labor demand is created by the employers. At the same time, open job positions are announced in the portal used within the organization and it is ensured that resumes are digitally recorded to the portal and reported.