Kartal Municipality Elderly Care and Nursing Home building has been renewed on the basis of energy efficiency in order to facilitate the lives of elderly and needy disabled people with the understanding of social municipality, to be with them at every moment of life and to support them. With the cooperation of academic working groups and private sector, Kartal Municipality Elderly Care and Nursing Home, which is equipped with renewable energy sources and various applications, has increased energy efficiency and has technological equipment, is the first public building of our country in this field.

A comprehensive renovation work has been done at Kartal Municipality Elderly Care and Nursing Home. Heat and water insulation have been renewed in the exterior envelop of the building, roof, basement and ground levels. Joinery, silicon facade elements and glasses that do not provide the required heat permeability rates have been replaced with new elements that will contribute to the targeted energy saving rate.

Sprinkler system, compartmentalization approach, fire ladders that meet legal requirements at both ends of the building are controlled by fire scenario automation system. In the building, which has a closed circuit camera system (CCTV) and voice announcing system, the safety of the users is prioritized.

Principle of accessibility is the basis for all spaces in the building that will supply service to disabled, sick and individuals in terminal period as well as healthy individuals. In this context, all doors with unsuitable dimensions and opening directions were renewed in order to provide stretcher entry and movement. In order to ensure indoor air quality in the building, fresh air is provided to reach all places.

The inefficient lighting fixtures of the building have been replaced with LED fixtures and the spaces controlled regularly by motion and daylight sensors are managed by lighting automation (KNX). For similar reasons, all luminaires in wet spaces have been replaced with energy saving photocell luminaires.

The need for hot water in the nursing home building is fully provided in summer time and 70% in winter time by solar collectors. In this context, solar collectors are installed on the roof of the building. Excess hot water is discharged to the indoor and semi-olympic outdoor pools in the requested cases and the water in these pools can be heated to meet the comfort conditions of the users. There is a gray water system in the building for the reuse of domestic water.

The project has adopted the approach of supporting heating and cooling systems with sustainable resources. The system of the building has been shaped so as to carry out heating and cooling operations by utilizing the heat of ground water. All heating and cooling water is collected in a special system called a heat tube in the building, where it is conditioned and distributed to the system. Water source heat pumps are supported by air source heat pumps for emergencies.

In the building that is consisted of 2 basements, 1 ground floor, 5 normal and 1 roof floors;

At the 2nd basement there are shelter, laundry, ironing room, morgue, cleaning room, garbage room, pump room, gray water tank, purified gray water tank, fire water tank, raw water tank, kitchen raw water tank, kitchen purified water tank, purified water tank in building, panel rooms, mechanical room;

At the 1st basement there are doctor's room, kitchen, dishwasher, sauna, dressing rooms, offices, mechanical rooms, tailor, staff refectory, gray water tank, indoor swimming pool, repair workshop, massage room, movie theater;

At the ground floor there are reception, cafe, pre-examination room, automation room, system room, management room, men and women hairdresser, library, private rooms for old people,

At the 1th, 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors there are private rooms for old people, floor services, common areas, warehouse-cleaning room;

At the 5th floor there are private rooms, floor services, prayer room, restaurant, quiet room, hobby rooms, kitchen, meeting room;

At the top floor there is only elevator room.