The parcel 207 with the Byzantine remains in Dragos has been declared as 1st Degree Archaeological site by the decision of the V. numbered Regional Board for Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets dated 29.12.2011 and numbered 252. The excavations were started by Kartal Municipality under the supervision of Istanbul Archaeological Museums Directorate on 20.12.2010.

Excavation studies were carried out in three different regions: north, south and west; to the north of the area are the remains of a bath, to the south of the area are the remains of a church, to the west of the area three very strong and well-worked places were identified either the ruins of the palace or summer pavilion. 70% of the structures identified in 207 parcels have been completed, but geo-radar scans in 207 parcels and other side parcels have also revealed the presence of other structures under the ground. It was found that the existing ruins belonged to the Late Roman Early Byzantine period in general and were built between the 4th and 6th centuries and used until the 13th century with various additions, repairs and arrangements.

The Kartal Municipality Archaeological Excavation Area Project, which was initiated with the awareness of protecting the historical and cultural values of Kartal District in 2010, aimed to spread the awareness of urbanism, to create common sharing and living spaces and to ensure the sustainability of memory and historicity of Kartal. For this purpose, Arkeo-park (Open Space Museum) project; the existing ruins are protected as intact and the conservation project including city museum, amphitheater, exhibition house, observation terraces, cafeteria, wc and walking paths are planned to be implemented.

With the implementation of the archaeo-park project, history will be a part of the social life of our citizens. Experience of preserving the historical structures and green spaces on the land, which is the common heritage of humanity, will take its place among the original examples of preserving cultural and natural assets.