The old building which is located in Kartal district and has historical structure has been tranformed to Fair-Tale Museum by carried out building artchitectural plan, restoration and restitution, to support the cultural and social development of the citizens of Kartal, especially children; contribute to the conscious formation of the concept of museology in society; to develop a useful activity area by improving citizen's knowledge, skills and thoughts.

The museum is curated poet and author Sunay Akın, and consist of his collections that have toys and books of historical value, starting with world tales and extending to Turkish tales and contemporary tales. Besides to being rare each pieces in the museum, attention has been paid to its historical value. In the exhibited pieces there are first or last edition book samples and the first toy samples produced from fairy tale heroes. Kartal Municipality Fairy Tale Museum has been designed by creating specifically book concepts for children to acquire reading habits by traveling among fairy tales.

In the entrance section of the museum, there is the first edition books of the writers who are fairy tales readers and architects of the fairy tales and also is located the statue of Hans Christian Andersen which is a first in Turkey in the library section. In addition, the statue of many fairytale heroes are exhibited in the museum garden. Inside the museum there is a stage for theatrical performances for children, a workshop that can improve their creativity and manual skills. This Project, brings together many components that are vital for a city such as participation in cultural life, urbanism and art consciousness in our district.

The Fairy-Tale Museum, was opened in 2017 and it has a accessible location for citizens. Admission to the museum and all activities are free of charge. On the other hand, the museum has been designed in accordance with disabled access and two disabled lifts have been built in the building where the museum and theater stage are located, and disabled roads have been built around the museum so that disabled citizens can easily visit.