With the production of vermicompost, it is aimed to contribute to environmental and public health, to protect our world from agricultural pollution, to produce alternative fertilizer to chemical fertilizers, to convert vegetable and fruit wastes from organic markets and organic kitchen wastes to organic fertilizers with the help of red California worms, Eisenia foetida.

Within the scope of the project carried out with the cooperation of Kartal Municipality and Anatolian High School of Science, the vegetable and fruit wastes in the district markets are collected by the Kartal Municipality and brought to the gardens of the municipal greenhouses and child development centers. Vegetable and fruit wastes accumulated in the specially made Vermicompost production area are converted into fertilizer by Red California worms. Vermikompost, which contains all the enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, growth hormones and humic substances required for plant development, is used in the parks and gardens of Kartal Municipality. Citizens wish to produce fertilizer in their balconies and gardens are given some Red California worm. Vermikompost production can also be done with a suitable container. Thus, domestic vegetable and fruit wastes are evaluated to contribute to the economy.