Kartal Municipality Unimpeded Production Workshop, which continues its activities with the understanding of as “We overcome barriers by producing ”, enables both disabled people and their families to participate in social life and increase the awareness of the society about the disabled people.

Ceramic and craft trainings are provided in Soğanlık and Hürriyet Cultural Centers for the individuals who are mentally disabled or autistic and also completed formal education age, to remove barriers to their participation in social life by being included in the production process; improve hand skills; support the development of cognitive abilities; to support them to have a better psychological state. In the Unimpeded Production Workshop, disabled students receive “personalized” training after being evaluated in terms of their individual capacity, psychological status and interests.

The trainings support the development of vocational skills and social, cultural and economic development of disabled people. In this context, the students paint and decorate waste such as glass bottles, jars, pet bottles and canisters suitable for recycling and turn them into functional new objects such as penholder, vase and sewing box.

The products produced in the Unimpeded Production Workshop are shared with the society through exhibitions that are opened from time to time. Individuals contribute to a more livable environment through their studies and they feel happy to share the products they produce with the society they live in.