Stage-1 (part of Kordonboyu District) and Stage-2 (part of Yukarı and Petroliş Districts) which is covering an area of approximately 14 hectare, has been declared as a risky area with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 28 October 2013 and numbered 28793. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization authorized Kartal Municipality for the works and processes to be carried out -except for the approval of the plan- with the letter of the dated 18 November 2013 and numbered 7490

“Kartal West Center Project Conciliation Process ” was tendered on 10 January 2014 within the scope of the Kartal West Center Project. Works of “The Process of Conciliation with the Right Holders” and “Revision of Master Plan Proposals” is uncompleted among the other works in the project. The rate of completion of the process -that is sum of 8 titles- is 82% of the project.

Targets of Kartal West Center Project; to reduce building risk, to create value and public space, to increase accessibility to the center, to ease transportation and to bring the city together with the coast.