The purpose of the R2CITIES project is to develop and demonstrate replicable strategies for designing, constructing and managing large scale district renovation projects for achieving nearly zero energy cities. These results will open the way for new refurbishments on a European scale within the framework of new urban energy planning strategies.

Project has been implemented in Valladolid/Spain, Genoa/Italy and Kartal/Turkey synchronically. Three demo sites will be addressed for demonstrating the framework and associated impacts by developing real cases going beyond current market standards but ensuring the replicability of the concepts deployed. R2CITIES makes a difference from current state of the art, as it will be far away from current expensive and stand alone pilots that have failed into reaching the market. The very ambitious renovation plan of three residential districts, will involve more than 57.000 m2, more than 850 dwellings and more than 1500 users, with a potential of energy consumption reduction close to 60%.

R2CITIES contributes to the definition of methodologies for zero buildings and districts. R2CITIES will achieve the following average reductions in the three demonstrator cases;

  • Heating and Cooling: 75 %
  • Lighting: 50 %
  • Water Heating: 50 %
  • Advanced ICTs (design + control): 15 %

Considering RES contribution and savings related to building controls, this will lead to an overall reduction of energy consumption of 76%, or savings per site:

  • Valladolid: 2478 MWh/year saving and 635 Tonnes CO2 reduction per year
  • Genoa: 1691 MWh/year saving and 395 Tonnes CO2 reduction per year
  • Kartal (Istanbul): 3009 MWh/year saving and 847 Tonnes CO2 reduction per year

Within the scope of the Project, Yakacık Nursing Home and two residential blocks were renovated in Kartal. The project aimed to retrofit a residential district with efficient strategie. Passive design strategies, heating & cooling sources and integration of renewables for building envelope has been implemented. Insulation, HVAC, Solar Collectors, LED elements, automation systems, grey water system has been used according to technical and economic assesments and scenarios to achive 63% energy efficiency.

R2CITIES project has been done on Building Information Modelling platform and site activities implemented according to BIM model which made significant impacts on time, costs and quality.