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County of Kartal has a diverse socio-cultural makeup. Internal migration and subsequent population increase is influential in the diversity of Kartal.
It is of great importance to convert this cultural diversity into opportunity and create a cultural mosaic in Kartal. In this regard, appraisal of current cultural centers, and building of new ones as well as creating in its residents a sense of belonging to Kartal and enhancing their consciousness are among the key strategies of the municipality.
Municipality of Kartal participates in national and international socio-cultural activities and brings people of Kartal together during these events. Throughout the year, these cultural, artistic, educational and sportive activities occur periodically and put Kartal on the map as a center of cultural activity.
Every summer “The Art and Culture Festival” is hosted in Kartal. Throughout the festival, seminars, discussions, panels, conferences, symposiums and educational and training activities for children, as well as concerts, movie showings and theaters are held in Kartal’s cultural centers.
As venues for these activities and events, Hasan Âli Yücel and Kartal Bülent Ecevit Cultural Centers serve the people of Kartal. For residents who live away from the center of Kartal, cultural centers have been built in Hürriyet, Uğur Mumcu, Soğanlık and Yakacık. Libraries, movie theaters, conference and exhibition halls, health clinics, postal services, neighborhood representatives and bank branches are located in these centers. Movie showings, theaters, seminars, and other forms of entertainment take place regularly in these cultural centers.