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Kartal District lies on the Asian side of Istanbul, on the coast of Marmara sea with a population of nearly 500,0000 people, and a total land area of 38.54 km2 . Founded at the beginning of the 6th cc as a small fishermen’s village, Kartal District was designated as an industrial area in 1947 during the Republican era, and experienced a huge population growth thereafter. Kartal’s demographics has been changing ever since with the building of industrial factories, their closing afterwards.
15 minutes away from Istanbul’s airport on the Asian side, Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Kartal is at a strategic position from a commuting perspective (railway, metro, sea transport). As well as being the location of much frequented natural parks such as Ayazma and Yakacik (so called the Balcony of Istanbul), it is also host to the prosperous Dragos Hill Area, Aydos Forest (one of the few in all of Istanbul), Kartal Central Square, and Kartal Cornische (shoreline is around 12 km).

 Current mayor of Kartal is Altınok Öz and was elected to office in 2009 from the Republican People’s Party. The newly formed municipality has the following mission and vision:

Mission: To act as a model, progressive, transparent, just, participatory municipality that is respectful of principal values, in harmony with the urban social and cultural layers of the district, making sure that the population takes full advantage of the resources of the district.
Vision: To work towards an ecological city that is whole with an urban consciousness, a desire to carry and build on its cultural heritage, that is in the process of ever renewing itself and is compatible with modern urban planning criteria.

Aside from the basic municipal duties such as caring for infrastructure, environment, economical and social development in the District, Kartal Municipality has undersigned quiet a few social responsibility projects. Examples include: City Institute Project, Extending Preschool Education, Women’s Consultation Centre, Women’s Handcrafts Market, Maya: Micro Credits for Women, Dental and Oral Health Centre for Children,  Nursing Home, Annual Culture- Art Festival, Urban Restoration Project.  
Common activities are carried on with national and international municipalities on Sister City Municipality Project.
 Our Sister City Municipalities include Ardino- Bulgaria, Alpes Maritimes- France, Asparahuovo- Bulgaria, Banovici- Bosnia and Herzegovina, Visoko- Bosnia and Herzegovina, Buzovna- Azerbaijan, Hackney- UK, Ilfov- Romania internationally, and Çüngüş- Diyarbakır, 
Damal- Ardahan, Esentepe- KKTC, Gölpazarı - Bilecik, İmrenler- Konya, Kemalpaşa- Artvin , Ovacık- Tunceli, Subaşı-  Altınova Yalova nationally.