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  1. Investment Strategy; implement investment strategies to match the qualities of the amenities provided in a well-developed urban setting.
  2. Social and Cultural Local Governance; demonstrate an approach to local governance that promotes social cooperation,
  3. Coastal City Strategy; to emphasize the coastal assets of Kartal; increase access to the coastline, encourage use of the sea for water sports and transportation.
  4. Urban Development and Improving Quality of Life; increase the number of life quality improvement centers to support the development of an urban center of culture, tourism and sports.
  5. Perfection of Service; with a public-focused approach to service, provide high-quality services, measure processes and performance of management.
  6. Management of Institutional Information; ensure that the right information from the municipality is at the right place at the right time for the most effective management practices.
  7. Management with a focus on staff; provide high-quality working conditions for the staff and lift social and technical barriers that impede the staff’s work and progress.
  8. Environmental Strategy; implement activities and project that promote the natural resources of Kartal and their conservation.
  9. Management of Income; the municipality has to make the most out of its limited income and generate new venues of income.
  10. Management of Technology; use the lates technologies for better service and follow new IT management methods,
  11. Publicity; to publicize the municipality’s services with the goal of increasing access to municipality’s services.
  12. Cooperation with the European Union; the municipality will play an active role in cooperaiton with the EU.