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We set out with a human-centered, transparent and participatory agenda for local governance. With this agenda in mind, we want to embrace all of Kartal, and make the district a more compatible place to live in, give our fellow residents of Kartal an opportunity to get education in Kartal, place a stronger emphasis on the protection of the district's natural resources and renew the urban landscape.
Cultural and social projects have been given top priority in our planning and we started our term by realizing these projects. Creating a city where women, elderly and young people, people with disabilities as well as working people practice their basic human rights and lead safe and comfortable lives is our goal.
We will continue to support institutions that give services in the cultural and social sectors, as well as artists, writers, athletes, women, people who study and produce. We will enhance the sense of social support and responsibility. We will develop new projects and make new investments with the support and partnership of non-governmental organizations, universities, and other stakeholders and we will support public and private entrepreneurs.
We will organize symposia, field trips for our society's important historical, cultural, national heritage sites. We will give support to the renovation of schools, places of worship and local neighborhood governance buildings.
In the face of disaster, we will develop a map of the city that lists areas under threat from a potential earthquake. This map will be our guide to better prepare our city against earthquakes.

We would like to have a university built in our city that is nestled between the Sea of Marmara and the Aydos Forest. We would like to have museums, arts and culture centers, new business centers, squares, roads and aesthetically renovated buildings in our future eco-city of Kartal.

We planned a city where the people of Kartal can breathe, have picnics, spend time in the forest and by the sea, and walk around in the new squares. We planned a city that iss livable and enjoyable and attracts private investment. We planned a city that protects its animals and its natural resources. With a participatory and transparent approach to governance, we will respect the people who work and produce; at the same time, we will continue to invest and serve. I would like to extend my respect to the employees of the municipality, our municipal parliament and all the people of Kartal.

Op.Dr. Altınok ÖZ
Mayor of Kartal