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With input from our municipality’s administrators the fundamental values of the municipality have been determined as follows:

  • Serve everyone equally,
  • Be just,
  • Our deeds will match our words,
  • Enjoy our work,
  • Work efficiently,
  • Value time,
  • Believe in success,
  • Work fruitfully,
  • Be there for those in dire need,
  • Manage collectively.


Policies of the Municipality of Kartal

Policy regarding high-quality service;

  • To serve with the right people and at the right time,
  • To transform Kartal’s intellectual potential into service,
  • Use the latest technology, spread communication tools,
  • Utilize the alternative suggestions of people who produce and use service,
  • Use resources most effectively.

Human resources;

  • Offer educational opportunities to staff,
  • Support personal and professional development,
  • Demonstrate a participatory approach to management,
  • Realize a methodoloy based on performance appraisals,
  • Enhance social cooperation among staff.

Public relations and Environmental policy;

  • Increase the sense of belonging to Kartal,
  • Increase awareness on environmental protection,
  • To most effectively use historical and natural resources,
  • To use the internet more effectively,
  • Support cooperation with other public institutions,
  • Improve relations with the media,
  • To inform the people of Kartal of our services,
  • To always be in touch with the people of Kartal,