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Op. Dr. Altınok ÖZ was born in 1951, in Nevşehir. After finishing his primary and secondary education in Sapanca and Çorum, ÖZ graduated from the Ankara University Medical School in 1975. He was first stationed in Gülşehir; he then became chief doctor in Bingöl Tuberculosis Dispensary and later on served as Bingöl's Director of City Health Services. Following his post in Bingöl, he worked as a General Surgery Specialist in Nevşehir and Chief of Staff in the Social Security Hospital in Erzincan. He also worked in Anamur. From 1987 until his retirement in 2008, he worked at the Kartal State Hospital and Kartal Social Security Hospital. During 1996 and 2001 he served as Chief of Staff at the Kartal Social Security Hospital.

Op. Dr. Altınok ÖZ has worked with many cooperatives and civil initiatives. He organized recyclers of scrap metal materials under the roof of Marmara Recycling and Community Work Place Cooperative. Since 2004, he has been farming walnuts and almonds on Hırka Mountain (Nevşehir). He has been involved in national and international scientific studies about walnut cultivation. He has reviewed urban planning practices both nationally and internationally. During 1969-1975, he has been politically active as a member of the Youth Wing of the Republican People's Party in Ankara and the Federation of Associations for Social Democracy. Since retiring he has continued his political work and has been a member and manager of various democratic community organizations. Op. Dr. Altınok ÖZ is interested in football, economics, history, farming, traveling, pheasant husbandry and motorcycling. He is married and has a daughter.