Kartal Municipality Kartal Municipiliyt

   Latest of Implemented Projects

Recycling Project
The goal of this project is to produce goods from recycled waste and to leave a cleaner Kartal for future generations.
City Institute
Give vocational training to people of all ages, especially unemployed people and/or those who want to start up their own businesses.
Micro-Credits for Womens Work
"Support for Women's Work" micro-credit project developed by the Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work is underway.

To act as a model, progressive, transparent, just, participatory municipality that is respectful of principal values, in harmony with the urban social and cultural layers of the district, making sure that the population takes full advantage of the resources of the district.

To work towards an ecological city that is whole with an urban consciousness, a desire to carry and build on its cultural heritage, a city that is in the process of ever renewing itself and is compatible with modern urban planning criteria.

   About  Kartal

Tourism of Kartal
There are seven touristic sites within the county of Kartal.
History of Kartal
At the start of 6th century A.D., during the Byzantine Empire, Kartal was a small fishing town named "Kartalimen".
Geography of Kartal
Kartal is one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul and is a central location on the Anatolian side.